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Mommy Makeover in Toronto, NY

Motherhood is extremely rewarding, but the process of pregnancy, childbirth, and nursing can change your body in a lot of unwanted ways. Even if you work hard to restore your pre-baby body, some changes just can’t be reversed without the help of an expert like cosmetic surgeon Trevor Born, MD. At TMB Cosmetic Surgery, with offices in Toronto, Canada, and Manhattan's Upper East Side in New York City, he offers a mommy makeover that combines multiple, state-of-the-art treatments to undo the effects of pregnancy. Restore your pre-pregnancy body! Call today or schedule your consultation online.

Mommy Makeover Q & A

What is a mommy makeover?

You absolutely love motherhood but aren’t so crazy about what it’s done to your body. A mommy makeover helps you restore your body to what it was like prior to having children. Dr. Born combines the latest cosmetic procedures to help you achieve a smoother belly, perky breasts, and fat loss in stubborn areas. 

The patient-centered approach also includes cutting-edge, non-invasive treatments like Emsella® for urinary incontinence and EmSculpt® for muscle tightening.

Am I a good candidate for a mommy makeover?

Prior to your mommy makeover, you’ll undergo a complete physical exam to determine if you’re a good candidate. Before undergoing treatment, it’s a good idea to be sure you’re done having children, as future pregnancies can undo your results.

Women seek a mommy makeover if they experience the following after pregnancy:

  • Droopy breasts
  • Stubborn pockets of fat in your abdomen and on your thighs
  • Flabby skin
  • Skin irregularities like stretch marks

Dr. Born focuses on your goals and creates a personalized treatment plan to help you regain the body and figure you desire.

What procedures may be included in a mommy makeover?

Dr. Born uses his cosmetic surgery experience and skills to customize your mommy makeover. Some of the procedures include:

Breast surgery

Following pregnancy, it’s normal for your breasts to change. They may lose their elasticity and volume. Breast augmentation can increase their size while a breast lift can raise their profile. Some women choose to combine the two procedures to get optimal results. 

Pregnancy can also lead to the sagging of overly heavy breasts. A breast reduction reduces the amount of tissue to relieve back pain and improve confidence.

Tummy tuck

A flat tummy may seem impossible following pregnancy. Carrying a child stretches out your abdominal muscles, sometimes causing their separation. Fat also stubbornly deposits in the area. Dr. Born uses a tummy tuck to tighten slack abdominal muscles and remove excess skin and fat to give you a firmer and smoother midsection.


If you have stubborn pockets of fat in your thighs, back, or belly, Dr. Born may recommend liposuction.


Emsella, known as the urinary incontinence chair, uses electromagnetic technology to stimulate your pelvic floor muscles and restore their strength. This helps reduce instances of urinary incontinence that can often follow pregnancy and childbirth.


Emsculpt provides a noninvasive way to tighten areas like your buttocks, abdominals, and calves. The technology delivers electromagnetic pulses to treatment areas that are equivalent to thousands of muscle contractions. This leads to a firmer, more toned body. 

Reform your post-baby body with help from TMB Cosmetic Surgery, Call the office to set up a consultation or use the online tool.